About Us

We are Kevin and Lauren, photographers and founders of KMI Photography.  Over the years, KMI Photography Inc has evolved from humble beginnings into a thriving team of professional photographers and videographers.  Our photography studio is nestled in between the river and the sea in beautiful Wilmington, NC.   While our business has profoundly grown over the last 16 years, our dedication to our clients has always remained constant.  Our team strives to provide excellence in every last detail, and we create timeless images that become heirlooms that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We have the privilege of photographing many beautiful weddings every year, and as photographers, we are honored to be a part of this story as it unfolds.  Our lives are a tapestry of quickly passing moments in time, and your wedding day will be a joyful blur of these beautiful moments.  When we photograph weddings, we see the subtleties of the day.  Grandmother’s embroidered handkerchief clutched lovingly by the bride, the way the bride’s father fights back tears as he walks his daughter down the aisle, the groom’s stolen glances of his bride during the ring exchange-our role is to capture all the emotion of the day and archive them in time with our photography.

A wedding is a day that bears the weight of a lifetime, and a day that must be photographed with the same thoughtfulness that went into planning it.  As you begin the wedding planning process, we would love to hear the vision you have for your wedding day and offer our services in any way.  Thank you for taking the time to view our work and get to know us better.