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Aisle of Style: White Summer Soiree

aisle of style wedding show


We are excited to take part in the Aisle of Style: White Summer Soiree, presented by The Wedding Dress Shoppe.  Come mingle with us tomorrow, August 25th at the Coastline Conference and Event Center from 4-7:30pm!    There will be food, music and lots of great give aways.  It’s going to be a fantastic event and a fun way to aid you in your wedding planning process, we hope to see you there!

You may purchase tickets at this link:


aisle of style wedding show

The Importance of a Wedding Coordinator

importance of a wedding coordinator, hiring a wedding coordinator, wilmington nc wedding coordinators

This post is a change of pace from our normal blog fare, but it’s a topic I’ve been wanting to share for quite a while.  We have photographed hundreds of weddings and have first hand experience in the differences of having a wedding day coordinator versus not having one.  A wedding day coordinator, is someone that you truly cannot manage without.  I have had too many brides forego this in light of budget restraints, and as a result the day runs with chaos,  lots of frustrated people, and missed opportunities for good photos.  The weddings where we have a wedding day coordinator not only run seamlessly, but they provide us with more opportunity to capture beautiful wedding day images.

With a professional wedding day coordinator,  I don’t have to worry that the sparkler exit is going to be chaotic, the sparklers will be lit too soon and the crowd will be lined up poorly- the wedding coordinator assures all those things are attended too.  Thereby assuring that I get fabulous photos of the exit.  I don’t have to worry that I will miss the next piece of action taking place at the reception, because the coordinator makes sure I am aware of the timeline and keeps me well informed.  A wedding coordinator will also benefit your guests, ensuring they eat on time, and making sure the caterer is on point with food service.  In addition, the coordinator makes sure your band is tended to, and that they are aware of all announcements and reception events to take place.  She makes sure the bridal party is accounted for and lined up as they need to be.  A good wedding coordinator tends to lots of things without the bride and groom even knowing; she circumvents problems and eases the burden that would otherwise fall to the bride, mother of the bride, or some other friend/family member.  Coordinators are just wonderful.

A qualified wedding day coordinator is someone who has great references and who has lots of weddings under her belt.  A family member, friend or recently married bridesmaid rarely are qualified enough to pull together and execute all the many components of a wedding day.  Even if your wedding venue may have a reception coordinator, it is not enough reason to forgo day-of coordination for the entire day.  Many times venue reception coordinators are preoccupied with other things like food and drink service, and attending to specific needs of guests.

You need a wedding coordinator to keep the wedding day machine running smoothly.  You need a wedding coordinator to attend to your wedding day timeline, line up people and signal entrances and exits.  You need a wedding day coordinator to be a liaison between your vendors and to keep them aware of all the action to take place.  Too many brides view day-of coordination as dispensable, but I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to your wedding day.  If this is something you have cut from your budget, I urge you to reexamine and hire a competent wedding coordinator!  Having photographed weddings for over ten years, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the most professional and personable wedding coordinators in the industry.  We can happily refer you to them, and can guarantee your day will run much smoother because of their presence at your wedding!

Happy wedding planning!


importance of a wedding coordinator, hiring a wedding coordinator, wilmington nc wedding coordinators

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